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Extendable "Consider also the following values as missing data" list

Sometimes I have large data sheets with a lot of cells that contain missing values. Especially when the cells content comes from an array formula there is no feasible way to manipulate the cells by search and replace.

I'd like to suggest that the missing value list box (XLSTAT - Options / Missing data) becomes editable. At least there could be introduced a user editable text file in the XLSTAT installation directory that contains the entries of the displayed list entries.

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  • Nov 7 2017
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  • Bertram Schäfer commented
    July 05, 2018 08:49

    In the training I was teaching last week I ran into this problem, that a measurement machine was creating datasets with different error codes mixed into the xls data.

    Also, I have just watched a German language video on Youtube asking for exactly this feature!

    Please add user defined missing values!