Ability to add 95% Confidence Ellipses to MDS

MDS is a form of a PCA- often used in sensory science. The MDS uses the input of a similarity/dissimilarity matrix to obtain a 2-D visualization of the similarities and differences between products/subjects based on their proximity to one another in 2-D space. In order to interpret an MDS - not only does the location of the data points for each product/subject matter, but also their 95% confidence ellipses- which tell you which products are different and which are the same (based on the overlap of their confidence ellipses)- with just the data points there can be several products/subjects that one cannot differentiate if they are close enough to be considered similar. Currently, the XLstat PCA option allows the addition of confidence ellipses, however the MDS option does not. However, the PCA option does not allow the input of a similarity/dissimilarity matrix- thus it cannot be used for several research questions. Please add the 95% confidence ellipse option for MDS!

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  • Sep 20 2018
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