CCNP prep

First, preparing for passing CCNP certification exam consumes time and money. The whole process aims to serve for your future job. Thus, you need to know the focus and direction of your future occupation. For example, Sec and DC are the most popular options in terms of employment. Taking the exam of which one depends on your future job. Each direction varies in terms of learning and resource requirements. For instance, solving problems of the DC and voice rack is quite difficult. A not-so-good training course can hardly solve the problem. Obviously, self-study is more difficult. The significance of training is that:

Systematic learning: Without complete learning materials, some people cannot build a clear knowledge structure and think about problems thoroughly.

Shorten learning time, greatly improve learning efficiency and increase experience.

Find a kindred peer to study together. The more you learn about CCNP certification, the more boring you will feel.

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  • Mar 24 2021
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