Onespy is reliable cell phone monitoring software that has served users from all parts of the world. With this unique software, you can take full remote control of your child's or employee's smartphone. Onespy has successfully satisfied thousands of customers around the world with its easy to understand online dashboard, 24/7 customer support, and the heavily encrypted techniques they use to spy on the targeted cell phone. . Here are our reviews of onespy after testing the spy app.

Some cool features of Onespy

1. Onespy monitors call logs

Call logs: you can track all incoming and outgoing calls with additional information such as date, time and duration of calls

Call recording: all calls made to and from the targeted cell phone are automatically updated on your online account

2. Onespy keeps track of contacts

Contact information: all saved contacts as well as any new additions made to contacts are automatically synchronized with your onespy account online

3. Onespy tracks text messages

SMS Details: You can get detailed information about the text messages sent to or from the targeted cell phone, as well as the time stamp

4. Onespy records surrounding noises

Ambient recording: you can secretly hear surrounding voices by turning on the microphone remotely

5. Onespy plots the GPS position

Location Tracking: Onespy gives you the privilege of tracking the locations of your near and dear ones using the GPS tracking feature

6. Onespy keeps track of media files

Multimedia tracking: you can check all the photos captured and saved on the targeted person's cellphone

7. Onespy captures current phone activity

One-click capture: With just one click on the online dashboard, you can opt for automatic screenshots, capturing all the mobile activities your teenager is doing

8. Onespy automatically takes photos using the front camera

Remote Command Capture: You can send remote commands to the targeted cell phone to turn on the front camera and get instant image updates

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