Syntax Compendium for XLSTAT functions

Problem: To use XLSTAT by typing in the formulas directly, you need to know the exact syntax for each formula. A list of all formulas / syntax rules does not exist (confirmed by XLSTAT support).

Example: To learn how to use the paramters for "=XLSTAT_MannWhitneyTest(Array1,Array2,Tail,Correction,ExactTest)" I needed to contact the XLSTAT support.

Solution: Provide a syntax compendium of XLSTAT functions, ideally with examples. Could be part of the build-in help file.

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  • Sep 21 2016
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    25 Jan, 2018 09:36am

    Dear Efthalia, thank you very much for your response. Indeed, this is a help, yet it provides the exact syntax for only 9 functions.

    However, all the other functions are still not really applicable, as for large datasets (like RNA-Sequencing, running 30k tests at once) one cannot have an extra sheet or list of output parameters for each test.

    Again, it would be of great help having a more complete list of function syntax for XLSTAT.

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    Efthalia Anagnostou commented
    22 Jan, 2018 05:17pm

    Hello. Here is where you can find the syntax of some of the XLSTAT functions at